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Fish/whats the smallest tank possible for my pet betta ?


I just recently got a betta fish I've owened them before but I've lost all my tanks an I only have a 1 quart fish bowl and I know that they are top water breathers so I'm not worried about oxygene loss I'm just worried about his overall health

A 1 quart fish bowl is cruel for any fish. No fish should be put in a bowl. Nothing.

In a matter of hours ammonia build-up happens in a tiny bowl and the fish starts a long slow death of being burned by ammonia. Eventually you will see red streaks or dots and then the gills will deteriorate.

If you do not understand what I am saying imagine if I stick you in a closet with your own waste building up around you. Eventually you will die from the toxicity of the fumes. Right?

A single Betta Splenden needs a fully cycled 5 gallon aquarium with filter + heater. They sell 5 gallon starter kits at Wal-Mart for 20 US dollars...all you need to buy is a heater.

Research how to cycle an aquarium. Do weekly water tests to keep an eye on your cycling.

Remember research is key! If you are thinking of housing ANY animal remember to read up on their proper care because there are a lot of misconceptions in this world.


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