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Fish/Black Mollies have white or silver on gills and body


Helpful wrote at 2016-06-02 22:38:13
I feel really bad that this person and so many others have Molly disease issues that are not answered properly. Let me make this short and clear. Molly fish are highly susceptible to 1. Slime Fungus and 2. Velvet. The fungus will appear white and cottony, slimey, patchy or mucusy. The velvet can go totally undetected in the gills and suffocate the Molly in days without any symptoms. Treat immediately with Furan 2 for both gram positive and negative bacteria, when the course is finished Follow that up with Seachem Cupramine Chelated Copper for the velvet (ick on steroids). Do not worry about cycling your tank. Remove carbon, change your water 25% every single day regardless of any medication directions. Do not mess with temperature keep it in the proper range for Mollies. If fish are not totally clear after these treatments are finished, next treat with Jungle Fungus Clear and Malachite Green. When you are back to normal and considering cycling, do not add any boosters. Reduce meds, stay on the 25% daily water change with a good vacume, use Prime by Seachem two drops per gallon every single day and use it in replacement water before adding replacement water to aquarium at two drops per gallon. That will prevent any ammonia from the fish from harming the fish or causing any illness as your positive microbes settle back into your aquarium. As you reduce meds, keep water clean, use the Prime, your biofilter will restore itself on its own. At this final stage be testing your water daily, keep ammonia at bay using two drops of Prime by Seachem per gallon, when ammonia or nitrites are reading zero you can go to 25% water changes per week, until then it needs to be per day. You should always be testing your water, get the test strips its easy to do. Good luck to the next person in this situation, you will do better following these directions.  


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