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Fish/1 glofish gasping, the other glofish are fine


Good morning,
I have a 10gal tank with 3 glo-tetras and 1 glofish.  The tank is heated automatically to 76 with a tank heater and the tank is not new, nor are the fish.  I recently changed 70% of the water (3 days ago)and all the fish were fine within 2 hours (no longer gasping).  However, last night I came home and the glofish was swimming at the top of the tank gasping like it was trying to breath the air and the rest of the fish are fine.  The glofish this morning did not eat and was at the top of the tank by itself gasping for breath.  I tested the water with the tetra water test strips and everything is normal.  I put in a tetra ick removing tablet this morning hoping that was the problem but I just don't want to lose the fish.  Please help.

Stop with the medication. Ich is a fungus that looks like a rash of cottony white spots around the fish's body right now they do not have that. Also a 70% water change is a bit too much next time do only a 40-50% water change.

Test strips can be inaccurate and I recommend going to a chain petstore like petco or petsmart to test the water. They do it for free.

Glo-Fish (Danios and Tetras) need 6+ schools and different species of glo-fish will not school with each other. They also need a 20 gallon tank.

It seems there is an insufficient supply of oxygen in the tank. You might want to increase the out-flow of your aquarium filter and add an airstone. If you can, a 20 gallon would be the best environment for them.


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