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Can you suggest a good combination of Lake Malawi fish for my 100 gal tank? Nothing to aggressive but with nice color.  Is it true that haps and peacocks are the best choice? Please include the quanity for each selection.

There are thousands of possibilities. The important thing is that you stick to picking either a few (3 or 4 max) or commit to loading the tank (20-25) or you'll have aggression issues no matter what. In my experience, you cannot go wrong with peacocks. I would load the tank as best you can with male, female, female trios, keep it a species tank, and enjoy the incredible breeding behaviors. You can add others, but I've enjoyed the cichlid species tanks so much personally I'm reluctant to start digging around for more ideas. LEt me know if this doesn't satisfy you, and remember, you'll be happiest with the tank you design yourself.


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