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I am a new fish tank owner. I have had several fish die on me so far. I am worried about my fish that are left in the tank. I have a snail, a black molly and a orange molly, algae eater and cat fish. My algae eater is acting funny. He usually sits in the bottom of the tank or hides in behind the water filter. He is now sitting behind the water heater and he has his face out of the water. Is this common. I have not seen it do this before and I am worried it is a sign of death. The following fish I have had die on me is 5 Neon Tetra and Guppy. Any thoughts or help that you could provide me would be great.

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Hello! I would be happy to help you but could you fill in a few blanks for me?

What is your tank size?
What Algae Eater, a Chinese Algae Eater or a Pleco?
Do you test the water and what are your water parameters?

Fish rely on good water quality and proper tank size.

Thank you and I apologize for the slight delay!  


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