QUESTION: my male Betta in my community tank seems to be bloated. I saw your other answer about dropsy and I am going to try a pea as it does not seem to be too far. the other fish have been picking on him and fin nipping. his fins are short now and I am thinking of getting him his own 5 gallon. Thanks!

ANSWER: What tankmates do you have? A 5 gallon was created for only a SINGLE Betta Splenden no other fish. Betta's have picky tank mates. Schooling fish like Tetra's and Danio's nip endlessly for example whereas if you put guppys with betta's they are in danger of being killed. So if you give me your tankmates it'll give me a better idea of what's going on.

By the way peas are the best option but make sure you are not overfeeding. Remember fully grown Betta's need to fast so feeding them 4 days out of a week is ideal. Most Betta's are fed pellets but that can cause bloat so make sure you put the pellets in a little dish of water and allow the pellets to expand before feeding. The problem is the Betta's will eat the pellets and the pellets will absorb water and expand in the stomach causing bloat.

Peas need to be shelled and slightly boiled until they are nice and squishy to eat.

- Ash

P.S I am sorry if I am replying late as I am in a different timezone then you may be.

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QUESTION: there are 7 zebra danios which I don't think have ever bothered him. we have neon tetra and black skirt tetras which I think are causing the problem. we also have 2 female bettas in the tank. I was only planning on putting him in the 5 gallon if I get it. our aquarium is 50 gallons. he hides a lot.

Oh sorry haha I thought you said 5 gallons with tankmates. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

The problems...

Black Skirt Tetra's need 6+ schools and they do not school with other species of tetra's like Neons/Cardinals. Neons/Cardinal need their own same species 6+ school. They usually won't nip if they are in comfortable same-species schools.

Female Betta's will eventually be killed by the male betta or killed by one another. Female Betta's can only be kept with each other in 5+ groups, preferably odd numbers, as they have a strong pecking order. 1 female will rise as a sort of alpha after a few weeks of fin nipping.

I would suggest purchasing a 5 gallon (which is around 20 dollars for a starter kit at any local wal-mart you just have to purchase a seperate heater) and cycling it with the 50g filter. The male is more then likely hiding because of the females and the tetras.


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