QUESTION: there are 3 black skirt tetras, 7 zebra danios, 2 female bettas, neon tetra, and a corydora catfish.

ANSWER: 50 gallon:

6x BS Tetra's
7x Zera Danio's
6x Neon Tetra's
6x Cory Catfish

With the three fin nippers in I do not know if it is safe to say to add more female Betta fish. Once you get the proper schools for the danios and tetra's they usually are less nippy but I would be super careful.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok I may just put the females each in their own tank. I am afraid my male is dying. I believe it is dropsy. I am going to try some more peas tonight.

ANSWER: Dropsy can be fatal so keep up with the rountine peas and fasting.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: he is doing slightly better today. what do you mean by fasting?

Fasting means you allow a certain number of days without pellet food...peas are fine.

So feeding him 4 days out of the week is considered fasting although you should keep up with the feeding of peas. This allows the fishes digestive process to settle and flush itself with the pea. This will lower bloat and hopefully take pressure off the swimbladder and stop Dropsy.

I hope your Betta gets betta...ahahaha
(Sorry for such a corny pun I had the urge to say that)

- Ash


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