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Hi, First of all I want to thank you for your time in reading and (possibly)answering my question. I got a Male King Betta fish two weeks ago as a gift. He came in a very small container with a lid and a hole punch sized hole in the top. As a second part of the gift I received a 1/2 gallon sized tank with lid betta kit. It contained the tank, Rocks, fake plant, Nutrafin Betta Plus and Aqueon Betta Food All Natural .96oz

So here (Finally) is my issue:

My fish seems to be unhappy - Or looks unhappy. He stays near the top of the water, and is always looking for food. His bowl is dirty and needs cleaned every day or it is very cloudy. I told the pet store where he was purchased and they said I needed the following to make him happy:
Buy him a  gallon tank with slow moving water filter
Buy him a light water heater for that size
Buy him a live plant
Buy Betta Vitamins
Buy a female companion fish

For a grand total of $109.46

I have no problems spending this on "Spike" it it is really needed. I am not experienced in fish and I am not sure I want to get a female for him as I don't want a bunch of babies. I love watching him and his first few days he was quite a swimmer and would even take the flaked food right off my finger if I stuck it in his tank but now he just seems so down and sad. Any ideas? Thanks So Much!

What he needs is a bigger tank DO NOT get him a companion! HE WILL KILL RIP THE FEMALE TO SHREDS. Please stop listening to the misinformation of the petstores they are clearly attempting to con you in giving up your money.

They do not need vitamens they need a APPROPRIATE TANK SIZE.

I would tell them that they are misinformed scammers!

King Betta fish get twice the size of a regular Betta Splenden. They need a 5 gallon aquarium with heater + filter that has been cycled for 4-8 weeks.

Right now he stressed out to the max and most likely being assaulted with poor water quality such as ammonia.

A 5 gallon aquarium you can purchase at your local walmart for 20 dollars just purchase a heater for an additional 10. The aquarium comes with filter + full hood lamp.


5g Aquarium
StressZyme (to cycle the aquarium)

FISH ARE NOT PRESENTS. So please the next time do not accept living animals unless they come with their appropriate housing and you know their appropriate care.

I don't want to mean but my main pet peeves are Betta's being housed in super undersize aquariums and pet store scammers.

- Ash


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