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I just recently noticed a few days ago that my Betta fish has some holes in his face And a weird pimple like bump near his fins.
I'm unsure if they belong there or not. Also he was in a fight with one of my other Betta before.. this was an accident by the way, he got passed my divider some how.
His fins were ripped to shreds and grew back beautifully.. this was 7 months ago. But anyway that was some background information. So here are the pictures I have, sorry for bad quality.

On this picture you can see the holes in his face as well:

Other then these oddities he eats normal, I give him freeze dried blood worms occasionally and betta pellets. Sadly I have him in this cup for now because I didn't want him to effect my other fish if he had something. Any idea what to do? Medication or anything?

Thank you.

He needs no medication. He doesn't have a sickness. I believe the little bump is what we humans call a scab. Since he got torn up the fins are probably still healing and even though it is 7 months oddities like this do pop up. The holes on his face are more then likely scars. Even though we do see change there is in-body changes going on and small invisible cuts microscopic to the human eye. As these tiny wounds mend themselves they sometimes form these little things. I believe with good water quality and time it will clear up.

I suggest adding maybe some StressZyme? It helps add slime-coat which keeps fish healthy.

- Ash


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