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fat fish
fat fish  
fat fish
fat fish  
i hope you can help me help my fish,i have 3 danios which i have had for about 12 months they are in a cold water 8 gallon filtered tank,over the last 2 months 1 of the fish has just got fatter and fatter,it swims around ok and seems to be in good health other than it looks like it will explode any minuet,i really don't like to think it is suffering,,please help if you can.i have added photos
regards vinny

ANSWER: Its dropsy. The Danio's scales will start to pinecone soon and eventually it will pass on. You might want to try to feed it a shelled parboiled pea but there is no guarenteed as it seems too late. The pea acts as a laxative and free the bloated stomach from its wastes.

8 gallons is WAY too small for Danio's, they need 6+ schools and a 20+ gallon aquarium.
They are also TROPICAL fish that need 76-82 F waters. They can withstand waters of 70's but no lower.

You'll need a heater and once these fish pass on please do not get Danio's.

I would consider researching before purchasing fish as its beneficial for their health.

I do not want to sound mean but these things will happen without proper care.

- Ash

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QUESTION: thank you for the quick reply
when i purchased the tank set-up from the pet store danios were the fish recommended,needless to say i will not be taking advice from pet stores again,i will get a larger tank and a heater TODAY as i was really upset to think i had unwittingly caused my fish to suffer..
regards vinny

Yeah Local fish stores love to give out false information because they are just thinking of one thing on their mind "MONEY". I would ask them to return the fish so you could get more appropriate fish your aquarium.

Cherry Barbs
Endlers Livebearer
Scarlet Badis (micro fish)
Fully aquatic, African Dwarf Frogs

Do much better in that aquarium size.

Its not your fault big box petstores do that unkindly so they can weasel money out of people. Certain fish requirements are most often misunderstood so just make sure you read up on them before purchasing. I reccomend as a good sight which will give you everything for your future critters.

- Ash


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