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i have had my tank for 2 years. over the last 3 weeks i have lost almost all my fish. they develop large white marks and their fins and gills start to rot away then within a day or so they die. i have 2 filters running and the temp is average about 25 degress. any higherr and the death process seems to speed up. i was told the ammonia was too high and have treated this. i didnt lose any more for about a week but when i got up this morn my silver shark had died and my parrot fish has gone black and rigid and is not moving please help

It honestly depends if the aquarium is overstocked and what size tank and its water parameters. In an overstocked aquarium the water chemistry is just never stable and the fish will die by diesease.

I can tell you from the top of my head that Parrot Fish need a 65 gallon aquarium when they are fully grown. Silver shark? Do you mean Bala Shark or Iridesecent Shark? Bala Shark's need schools of 6+ and at least a 150 gallon and Iridesecents grow to 4 feet in size and need the minmum of a 300 gallon.

I cannot help you unless you tell me what is going on chemically and what sort of fish you have or had. Sometimes people do not understand stocking or bio-load.

- Ash


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