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I have a male betta fish and I want to give him a treat. I saw online that I could give him a thawed pea once in a while and I want to know if that is true before I give one to him. Could you help me?

Betta Splendens are mainly carnivores so vegetables really don't do anything treat wise for them. I have a hard time myself getting my Betta's to eat peas.

But peas are good in another way! Sometimes if the Betta is constipated, bloated, or gets Swim Bladder disease shelled parboiled peas are a great way to relieve them. Basically they are like a fish laxative!

A good treat for them is frozen brineshrimp or frozen bloodworms. They love bloodworms! If you don't know where to get them go to your local pet store (I know Petsmart and Petco sell them for sure)Go to the fish/reptile section there should be a mini fridge with packets of assorted frozen foods.

Thaw out a cube and give your Betta a nice treat!

Remember not to overfeed with treats!  


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