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Hi there! I bought some rosy red minnows as feeder fish for my pet turtle. I left the fish in my dorm room during my winter break with the filter on and with a couple of feeder blocks (I go to school out of state and didn't want to stress out the fish by putting them into a tiny container with my turtle).  I came back to my room today to find that one of my fish has odd little bumps here and there and that one of its pupils are smaller than the other. It also looks as if its head is veiny. Only one of the other five has a bump, but nothing else that this fish has. What's wrong with them?

Thank you for your time! (P.S. I've attached a picture of it- it might be blurry, the fish kept moving.)

Feeder fish are already unhealthy for turtles. I wouldn't feed the sick one or any of the others to the turtle. Did you know feeder fish is the fastest way to spread disease to heathly fish or turtles and they have no nutrition value whatsoever.

Turtles normally die in a young age because people do not know their specific diet requirements or they die of calcium defiency in a matter of years.

Simply return the fish or euthanize it. None of its very healthy.

I am sorry if I am blunt but I care about your turtle's health.

- Ash


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