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i am having some issues with my 13 inch long flowerhorn, i have had it more than 5 years now, since then i have treated my fish many times for hole in head parasite, mostly with metronidazole, it worked....lately i see that it is developing it again and also has a swelled up belly, not eating more than 2 pellets a day, and in the usual corner....
i think i am not completing the medication properly and hence the problem is recurring, i would like to ask for your guidance in this much dosage, as of now following 5mg/pl of flagyl, can i use metronidazole I.V fluid instead ?, also how long medication should continue...thanks for your help to give some advice.

Hi Samir,
  It seems that while you are treating the symptoms, you may not be treating the problem.  Hole in the head most often results from poor water quality. Treating it with medicines may get rid of it for a time, but if the poor water quality continues, then it will come back.  How often are you changing the water in the fish tank?  Also, be sure that you are not overfeeding and that there is no excess food in the tank -- that is the usual cause of hole in the head.

-- Ron C.
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