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Hi.I have a 100 gallon tank in my home with gold, blue and platinum gouramis along with a few white tetras, a red tail shark and a couple of plattys. I also have two chinese algae eaters and a small placastamus.(not sure I spelled that right). My question is all of these fish have been living peacefully together for quite awhile now but lately the gouramis are acting very skittish. when someone walks past the tank for example, they tend to swim away very fast, some even making splashing sounds trying to swim away. What do you think could be causing this. Thank you for any advice you can give me on this subject.

The Chinese algae eaters both grow in a foot in length and should not be housed with each other, the pleco nor the gouramis. They get aggressive and normally will kill each other and then will pick on the pleco. They suck the slime coat off of slow moving fish such as the gourami and are more then likely doing this when the tanklights are off or when your not around to see. I highly suggest removing both Chinese algae eaters and adding more places to hide such as plants or caves.

- Ash


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