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"Hi, First of all I want to thank you for your time in reading and (possibly)answering my question. I got a Male King Betta fish three weeks ago as a gift. He came in a very small container with a lid and a hole punch sized hole in the top. As a second part of the gift I received a 1/2 gallon sized tank with lid betta kit. It contained the tank, Rocks, fake plant, Nutrafin Betta Plus and Aqueon Betta Food All Natural .96oz

So here (Finally) is my issue:

My fish seems to be unhappy - Or looks unhappy. He stays near the top of the water, and is always looking for food. His bowl is dirty and needs cleaned every day or it is very cloudy. I told the pet store where he was purchased and they said I needed the following to make him happy:
Buy him a 1 to 5 gallon with slow moving water filter
Buy him a light water heater for that size
Buy him a live plant
Buy Betta Vitamins
Buy a female companion fish

For a grand total of $109.46

I have no problems spending this on "Spike" if it is really needed. I am not experienced in fish and I am not sure I want to get a female for him as I don't want a bunch of babies. I love watching him and his first few days he was quite a swimmer and would even take the flaked food right off my finger if I stuck it in his tank but now he just seems so down and sad. Any ideas? Thanks So Much!"

Hi Starla,
  The fish store advice is mostly good.  He needs a larger tank with some sort of very gentle filter -- a sponge filter will probably work very well. He needs a water heater -- his water temp needs to be up near 80oF, or he will sit still -- he comes from the tropics.

A live plant is nice though not necessary.  The Vitamins are not necessary; just feed him proper fish food. Flake food is fine, though bettas often prefer little pellets.

He absolutely does not NEED a female companion.  He would probably like one, but keep in mind that after the male and female breed, the male will actively drive the female away and in a small tank, he could easily kill her.  

-- Ron Coleman
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