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Fish/plectamus maximus


My question is this my plec poos an awful lot possibly up to a foot long which sometimes floats due to  air bubbles do you have any ideas why there would be air in his poo. MANY THANKS JOE

Pleco's have double the bio-load of any other fish so do the carp species i.e Goldfish, Koi. They have such a waste load because they have no stomach's so what ever they eat passes right through them.

Air bubbles in his feces signifies when he is eating he is swallowing air as well. Pleco's tend to go to the surface for a nip of air once in a while so floating poop is common.

The poop gets worse as they grow and seeing that they can grow 2-3 feet in length I don't prefer them in the aquarium as you will need to 30-50% water changes and gravel siphon more often then regular maintence.

- Ash


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