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Hello I have  a question I just bought a green spotted puffer the first day he was great and even ate today he is still happy but hasn't ate nothing yet , and all he is doing is chasing my angel fish and silver dollar fish any suggestions  oh and the puffer is only a baby a inch long please I would love a experts advice thank you

Puffers are aggressive (hence the chasing, that will not stop), and typically eat large amounts once or twice a week. To be safe, check the water chemistry (your local fish store should be able to do it for you if you do not own the test kits). This is not something you need to worry about unless:
a. the other fish are being bullied to death by the puffer
b. the puffer appears lethargic or you notice a radical change in behavior
c. any one of the fish stops eating for more than a week.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


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