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I have a tank with two red jewels in it and there are other fish in the tank to.The red jewels had babies should I take them out and put them in a tank alone or do I put the parents with them or just leave them.

Since there are other fish that can potentionally eat them and seeing that cichlids protect their babies with a fierce territoriality I would seperate them so your other fish do not get attacked. You will need a floating breeder box for now but later on you will need a 10 gallon Cycled,  heated and filtered that is preferably sponge filtration so they are not affected from current nor do they get sucked up. They need to be fed micro foods that are of a high protein value. Freshly hatched brineshrimp is the best option or you can try frozen. Hikari First Bites is a reliable micro foods product that has all the nutrition that fry need.

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