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Hi, my name is markus and i have a 30 gallon fish tank. It has a heater, and carbon filters, and the fish are fed once a day, at the same time every day. I just lost my thired fish over a period of 2 monthes. Im quiet sure its not my water, and i regularly clean my tank. I was wondering if you knew why my fish keep dieing, and also if you can identify them. They are orange, but if they go unfed for a day they turn pink/peach. They range from about 4-10 centimeters (mouth to tail fin), and have large mouths. They live in fresh water, and like to hide.

Hello Markus, you might want to double check that your temperature and everything is correct for your fish. You have what looks like parrot cichlids in the tank. They are not very cheap most stores you get them at. The other one you have is a gourami. Feed twice a day, once in the morning once at night. Look at your fish for any sign of disease as well.


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Jordan Gobely


I can answer most questions about fish care and maintenance. I am not an expert on saltwater aquariums but I am researching more about them on a daily basis. I have kept many different tropical freshwater fish as well as cichlids. Brackish water is my weakest category but if you have a question feel free to ask and I will do research on it myself.


I have kept fish for over 10 years. I am also an employee at a pet store and the head of the fish department. I am going to school at Emporia State University and studying biology with a concentration in ecology and biodiversity for undergraduate work. Right now my job is to care for and maintain the fish department at a local pet store. As far as water quality, I am well versed in different practices you can do to help improve conditions and what levels to look out for when testing the water.

I am majoring in Biology at Emporia State University and have researched fish reproductive behavior for the past decade.

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