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Hi Jordan,
I am from Sri Lanka.I hope you could help me. I had about 10 flower horn fish which I bought about 4 months back. They were all doing well for some time. Two pairs even spawned recently. Suddenly one day I noticed one fish with a swollen eye, it gradually became very swollen and was protruding. Additionally this condition was followed with erosion of the jaw. The mouth sticks out. I treated with tetracycline. It didnít answer. Still the fish was eager to consume food but was unable to do so due to the swelling on the mouth. However this flower horn died. Then I noticed a few others showing the same symptoms. So I treated a pair that was affected with one eighth of a 250mg Zinnat tablet. The one that was very sick died but the condition of the other one slightly improved. The surviving one still has a very swollen eye. Erosion of the jaw still persists. However it is eating now. Another pair is showing the same signs from yesterday. As for this pair it all started with a sudden appearance of a  bump on the head then swelling on both eyes or one eye and the mouth sticking out. What could be the reason for this. This disease seems to be spreading. I am devastated. Can this condition be treated. Appreciate if you could advice what type of medication I could use. Thank you.

Hello, Nayani You need to treat your fish with an antibacterial. That is the only way you can clear up the symptoms. I have to warn you though, this disease (which is known as pop eye disease) is deadly in most fish. I wish you the best of luck on treating the rest of your fish. Any that are not sick right now I would advise you to isolate and move to a different tank.


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