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Fish/Leaking aqurium?


Hi there,
I know this might not be in your expertise but if you could help me that would be a relief.
I have a 55 gallon fish tank that has five fish in it, but ironically my question isn't about fish but I discovered my tank has a slow ( but consistant) leak that seems to be in the back left corner but I can't tell if it's inside or from outside of the tank. Has this happened to you before and what did you do?

Hi Laura

I've never had a tank leak before. You must find out where the water is coming from....determine whether it is coming from an outside source and running down the tank or if the tank itself is leaking. If there is a leak in the seal of the tank, I would invest in a new tank. There are tank repair kits available at most pet stores, but from what I've heard from others on this site, these only temporarily fix the problem. If the leak is not taken care of promptly, it will only get worse.

If the tank is leaking, it maybe under warranty from the manufacturer. You'll have to refer to your sales receipt and the place of purchase.

Hope this helps, good luck!



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