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Fish/Leaking tank?


Hi richard.
I don't know if you can help but I hope you could! I discovered last friday after cleaning my fish tank ( I did about a 75% change out if that matters) . the next day I notice water around one of the back legs to my fish tank stand and follow the path up to, the fish tank! Ahhhh no. While I have had aquariums for many years now, this is the first ive ever come across this problem. It is a leak, not a crack in the glass ( thank god), but it has been having a steady and slow leak for a week before I was able to get the scillicone repair . I have had to refill the tank twice to replace the water lost, which has been about 6 gallons. I can't be sure if that is all lost from the leak or if evaporation as it has been warmer for the time of year here the last few days. I need sort of a step by step plan for how to tackle this as i've never had this before and i've looked how to repair a leak on the web but it seems like they expect it to be done in a day but i've read you need to take like a week to do this right, so....what should I do? It's a 55 gallon tank and I have just 5 fish in it that I already have containers put aside for them to go in. Thanks a bunch  if you can help :)

Hi Lauren

I've only had one tank in my life that leaked and it was under warranty so I exchanged it for a new tank. I don't have any experience in repairing leaks in tanks.

Most aquarium manufacturers offer 5-10 year warranty, and some even come with a lifetime warranty. So if you can locate your original sales receipt, you may be able to get it replaced.

Sorry I couldn't be of further assistance, good luck!



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