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Fish/Betta care in a 10 gal


Dear Richard,
I'm thinking of getting a betta for my 10gal tank.  My plan is to have silk plants and perhaps some smooth rocks over gravel. In the past, I've had a variety of tropical fish as well as goldfish, most of whom have lived for several years, but I've never had a betta.
My first question is: Should I keep a filter for 10gal? I keep reading conflicting information on whether filters are needed or not.  Mine is a silent filter; the engine is a small box that rests at the bottom of the tank. Also, currently the tank is usually at 75-78F degrees, with 4-6 hours of light but without a heater. Should I get a heater, or keep the light on longer? I live in the subtropics, so the AC is always at between 73-79F year long.
I want to prepare the tank and have everything running smoothly before bringing a little one home. Any other tips or advice are welcome.
Thank you! - Ana

Hi Ana

A Betta needs a heater and a filter. The heater should be set at 78 degrees. I would also leave the lights on for 10-12 hours a day.

Good idea to use silk plants, plastic plants can tear a Betta's fins. This is also true for rocks, never use rocks that have sharp edges.

I'm not a fan of the type of filter you have...I prefer bio-wheel hang on back filters. They are quiet, and can be purchased at Petco or Petsmart for about $15.

Feed your Betta Tetramin Tropical flakes. These provide a well balanced diet. Never use pellets, the pellets tend to expand and cause constipation. Also give him freeze dried bloodworms about once a week.

Hope this helps, good luck!



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