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Ammonia 0.02 is that a reason to be concerned should I be doing a water change. I am 3 weeks into my cycling process. I have a 29 gallon tank. I am cycling a tank with 4 neon tetras and 4 glofish. I was told that these fish are not hardy fish, but I figured that 8 fish would be enough. I do weekly water changes while I'm cycling, figured it would not harm or ruin my cycling process figured it's good to get into the habit of doing it. thank you for your time and again this is the best website ever! you guys are the ones who make it the best website ever

I suggest a partial water change and buying a Product called Seachem Prime. It will nullify the deadly toxins that are going through the cycle and protect the fish from being burned or stressed by the Ammonia, Nitrites, and Nitrates AND on top of this is declorinates the water for you.

Your tank looks great by the way.

- Ash


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