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  So I have a baby molly. Her mother died while giving birth. I saved her only baby: Tabby. I put her in a breeding bin expecting her to grow. After about 6 weeks she still was the same size. So I got her a 1 gallon. It has a bubbler and a couple real plants. (peacock fern and amazon sword) I let it cycle and then put her in. She is very happy but I was wondering if I should get her a companion. She has been in her 1 gallon for about 4 weeks. Could she be lonely? Also, she has grown a little bit more... but not enough. Will she grow more? Is she OK in her tank? If I should get her a buddy, what should it be? I feed her baby formula and flakes. She is very active and has the prettiest eyes.

         Thank you,
         Megan Heron

P.S. You're in Japan?? That is very cool! I actually signed petitions against whaling. Are you near Taiji? I always wanted to visit.

I am actually quite close to Taiji and I do visit often as I have relatives there. I believe its only a 2-3 hour drive. I live in Osaka, for college, and originally lived in Kawasaki. I know that a lot of dolphins were slaughtered in Taiji.

As for Tabby a one gallon is woefully small for a molly. Yes they are social and they do need buddies but they will not grow much or not at all in that small of a tank. Adult mollies need at least 20 gallon while 30 gallons is recommended (some mollies can grow up to 5-6 inches in size!)

Mollies are classified as livebearers which are recommended for beginner aquarist as they are labeled as hardy fish. Molly fish should not be recommended for beginners, they are sensitive to water quality, they prefer a higher temp of 78-82 F, and harder PH and water.

I suggest purchasing a divider for you main tank. I sectioned off 10 gallons in my 30g for my babies and they grew quite quickly.

Here is an example of my nursery. These guys are 3 months of age.

Babies need microfoods that are of a high protein. They cannot accept adult food until they are of 2-3 inches in size, juvenile size. It may not be growing because of this as well. I suggest Hikari First Bites, frozen brineshrimp (mashed if it is still tiny), and then mashed bloodworms as it grows. These are all high in protein and will increase health and growth.

With a better diet and a larger tank she will grow much bigger.

Best of luck to you and your little guy!

- Ash  


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