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I have had my two betas, Paul and  King, for over two years now. I have a filter for my aquarium and I Change their water every month. I feed them Betta Min: Tropical Medley everyday in the morning. But recently, they have been down at the bottom of the tank. They do not move at all, even when I feed them before I go to school. At  first I thought that I haven't been feeding them enough. So I started feeding them after I got home from school. But when I went in today, Their eyes were closed, weren't moving, and down at the bottom. both of them. Are they dead or are they sleep????!!!! I MUST KNOW

1. Is there tank heated.
2. Are they seperated?
3. Are they in their seperate 5 gallon aquariums or in a 10 gallon divided?

I can already tell you, you need to do better maintence. 25% water changes with a gravel siphon WEEKLY is super neccesary.



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