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Fish/What fish would suit my 60l tank?


I have a marina 60 which has been set up since Monday. I have done all the nutrafin cycle and water conditioner. I work in a pet store so I know how to set it all up but I want some more expert advice to what I can put in. I was thinking of starting with 3 mollies, then a red tail shark, a beta and 6/9 neons. Have also been contemplating an angel fish. I have been told mollies aren't the best starter fish, but out of the selection I want I thought its probably the best? Will add neons and beta last as I know they are the least hardy. What do you think? Are there any more suitable fish you could maybe suggest?

The Red Tail Shark will not work in a 15 gallon tank, the Red Tail is aggressive and can grow to 6" in size they need a 55g.
A Betta Splenden will not work with Mollies nor Neon Tetras. Mollies are bullies and will nip and eat the fins off the Betta. The Neon Tetra's are flashy and can fall prey to the Betta. Tetra's are also prone to nipping. Angel Fish are also a big no. They are cichlids they would kill a Betta quite quickly and they need a 30 gal tank.

I suggest:

6x Neon Tetras
3x Mollies (female to male ratio)
6x Bottom Feeders (Corydoras would work well)
1x Dwarf Gourami


By the way you need to cycle the tank for 6-8 weeks fishlessly before any inhabitant can go in. This a big part of fishkeeping and most fish will die without a properly cycled tank.

Mollies are not the best starter fish because they are finicky to their water quality, they need a properly cycled tank with no ammonia or nitrites. They also prefer harder water and a higher PH.

I suggest using Fishlore, Badmanstropicalfish, or using google to research each fish so you can prepare the aquarium and the dietary requirements before you purchase.  


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