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Recently I've decided that I would restart my aquarium however this year may very well be one of my busiest as well. I've kept an aquarium during these types of years as well but unfortunately I had to take down the tank due to unforeseen circumstances.

I need advice on what fish to get. As this is a busy year, I'd like to get some really hardy fish for my tank. I can't remember how many gallons it is right now as it is kept in storage as I'm currently planning it and starting to cycle it tomorrow.

My dad suggested that I should choose between angelfish,gouramis,danios, barbs and a single betta for my tank as those are the hardiest fish,are those good choices? If so, how many of each do I typically need?

Cichlids are a little over budget hence why I'm not keeping them. My past experience with live bearers has shown that they're not really suitable for me as they tend to kill off an entire tank.

Also, is it okay to have a mix of live and plastic plants? If so please do reccomend a plant which requires minimal special requirements and if possible, low light.

I would appreciate if you could answer my question quickly!


It all depends on the tank size so please once you do get it out of storage give me the dimensions so I can tell you a proper stock.

Allow me to give you the rundown of the suggested fish.

Angelfish need the minimum of a 30 gallon preferably a deep or tall aquarium. They are not community fish as they are semi-aggressive. Angelfish are cichlids hence their territorial nature.

Betta's cannot go in community tanks they have limited tankmates. Barbs, Gourami, Danios, and Angelfish are all not good for Betta's.

You can mix live and fake plants just make sure you have proper lighting for the plants and that you do research on the plants you plan to keep as some need higher or lower lighting, a particular type of substrate and make sure your fish are compatible as well.

Just please give me the tank size and I can give you much, much more information.  


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