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Today I was wondering what I can do to improve my bettas life. He has a heater a filter vairity of food plenty of toys and i have prepared medications incase he gets sick water condition and algae controll but I was wondering what else I can do for him. Any suggestions?

Hi Sydney

You didn't give me any details about his tank as far as size. A Betta needs to be in a 5 gallon heated, filtered and covered aquarium. Feed him Tetramin Tropical flakes and BettaMin flakes. Do not give him pellets....pellets tend to expand before they are digested and cause constipation. Also feed him Bloodworms about once a week.

Change 25% of his water once a week and change the carbon in your filter once a month.

Tank lighting should be more subdued, avoid the bright fluorescent tank lights, and use a natural gravel, not the bright colored gravel.

Here's a link to help you with your Betta

Hope this helps, good luck!



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