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i have a 60 Ltd fish tank of tropical fish and in it i have 1 angle 2 sward-tails 1 dalmatian 1 black neon 2 pleco 2 danios with 7 cribs  2 of the cribs are male and 2 are female 1 set of them have just had babies and since they had them 2 of my fish has died can you help me

Your tank is SEVERELY overstocked. It is only 15 gallons (60 liters). I would rehome all of the fish or donate them to a petstore. The ammonia will just pick them off one by one.

Angel Fish need 30 gal.
Neon's need 6+ schools.
Pleco's need a 100+ tank, 150 preferably for 2x.
Danio's need 6+ schools.

7x Kribs would need a 55g alone.

You can ask me for information but its best if you did some thorough research.


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