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QUESTION: Hi Mr.Ash: I have 7each 3yr. old Blue diamonds. And H2O has great Quality.All testing is Great {Ph Kh Gh Nitrate&trites}. Also year ago I went through a bout of "The Plague" and they came though it Great all on there own only thing I treated with was Salt. So that tells me that that my Keeping methods were on track.... But now their are only picking at "any food"{same whole life}.They come to the food and taste but do not finish.And always wash my hand before doing anything. No visible signs of Physical issues, and the poop is dark in color and firm {what they do do}. But, it is getting to be less. They also pick on each other {normal not fighting}. So I am confused on what is the issue??? I don't want to start dumping just any Meds. They have spawned in past also. So any! 411 would be honored...This is ongoing for two weeks and I know that there capable of not eating for three weeks as they did though the "Plague". As these are my DNA start pool in my breeding program and My favorite Kids. "Tanks Alot" Doug at Woussie Fish  

ANSWER: Hello!

What food have you been feeding them? I know Cichlid's get picky with their food if they are fed a single brand or type continuously. My Oscar refused to eat for 2 weeks until I weaned him off of his pellets! If you can try feeding them other brands of food or treating them with some frozen products like beef heart. If you can, try hatching some live brine shrimp, to get them to eat as well. I always switch my brands and my food around from pellets, flakes, to frozen weekly.

Nipping and picking is pretty normal with Discus. Usually nipping and picking goes on after the tank lights are off so you may not see them do it regularly. Discus have a pecking order and depending on the female/male ratio, males will try to establish dominance. Although Discus are more of the slow, relaxed sort of schooling cichlid they still have their strong territorial nature so make sure they have things to claim as their own.

Best of luck,

- Ash

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mr. Ask; "Tanks Alot" for the 411. As for food "Label" is always been the same . And I do feed my own Beefheart Mix and that has not changed for years. Also feed freeze dried Black worms,Omega Veggie Flake and Frozen Blood worms. The later has always been the "got" when any of my 110 Discus {BabiesthruAdults} have been medicated or "like Kids" just won't eat any thing. Some like "Chicken Nuggets". Also use Frozen Blood worms as a "Follow up" after Flake and Freeze Dried. "cause of the "Dryness and Blood Wroms are only good for their Moister value. All this is follow in order to Maintain "Consitancey". But The Fish in question won't eat the blood worms.Your thoughts on using Esp.Salt as a intestnal clean.  Before Medicating for some internal. Worried "Cause there my "Pride and Joy". I sprawned them myself and raise them from two different pairs. Or is this just the nature of the life.Cause I really do not know of what number times that the orginal Pairs were "Selecive Breed" {InBreed} They have gave me 4 sprawns. Oh, the M/F ratio is 3/4. Again, "Tanks Alot" for your wisdom and your Ear..... Doug

As for Epsom Salt intestinal cleaning, I only suggest this as a last resort. Try fasting them for 4-7 days and try refeeding with a small amount of foods.

I understand the following link is for the treatment of columnaris but hit the link of "Discus Salt Dip Methology" to help you with Discus salt dipping. Salt Dip Methodology

- Ash


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