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I'm having a few questions about pet fishes.i'm having a freshwater aquarium with some golds,sharks,silver far things are good.

1.At which condition we can say there are too much fishes in a tank?
2.what are the effects of having too much fishes in a tank?how its related to their growth?

That should be ok depending on the type of goldfish and how big the fish/tank is.
Fancy goldfish (such as those with long fins) will be harassed by the others.
Sharks are very territorial, so some fighting is to be expected. No need to worry unless they're actually damaging each other. Then you may have to separate them.

1. You will have too many fish in the tank when the eco system cannot maintain the bioload. If you develop the ion NH3+ for more than a month, you have too many fish. Regular waterchanges can help with this.

2. Poor water chemistry, lack of dissolved oxygen, and food negatively impact a fish. If you can maintain these however, you can keep as many fish in the tank as you can squeeze in. Just look at fish farms, for example. The fish are healthy despite their concentration because the other variables are taken care of.


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