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Fish/water lilly and fresh water aquarium


I want to purchase live water lillies for my well established freshwater 75 gal tank, will this have any adverse reaction to my current fish?
2 balas
1 cory
1 unknnown cat
1 knifesish
1 African flying fish
2 red tail shark
1 albino shark
3 guppies
1 angel
2 common pleco
1 rosey barb
10 neons
4 gold tetras
3 glass cats
And yes all tankmates are friendly with each other. ( I get this question alot)

Water lilies need a lot of care and they prefer a tall, column aquarium. water lilies are nutrient needers, they need plant specific soil, higher lighting, and often times root tabs if they are not doing well.

I'd just advise you on getting a larger tank or rehoming some of those fish. Most of those fish get way too large for that tank.


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