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I purchased a betta fish months ago from a local pet store. I used to have him in a bowl, however have since upgraded to a five gallon tank that is heated and treated with water conditioner. The tank also has plenty of gravel and a plant. The betta thrived. I recently noticed a hole in his fin and a dull, grey looking spot near his head and on the side of his body. It looked like fin rot and a fungal infection. I started treating with pimafix and melafix. I noticed a new symptom recently. He trys to hide or bury himself in the rocks. This third symptom is confusing me. I know bettas will do this if they have a parasite or ich, however he does not look like he's been dusted in gold or have multiple white spots. His appetite is still strong to my surprise. None of these symptoms point to one thing and I'm losing my mind trying to figure out how to treat it. Any ideas? Thank you. Also I did put some aquarium salt in as well. I will try to attach an image. There is a spot near his head then the two on his side.

Hi Wilson,
  I assume that you are doing regular water changes?  You should be changing at least 25% of his water once a week, every week.  

  One unfortunate possibility is that he just might be getting old.  Bettas do not live very long.

-- Ron C.
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