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Fish/Beta Friends?


This is Gunther
This is Gunther  
Hi there,

Just a quick question, do you know if there are any types of aquatic species that can live with a Delta Beta fish? I've read on some animals that was said to work well with Betas, but I know its not the best to always trust the internet. I have a 10g tank for my Beta, Gunther. Is that gonna be too small for any sort of companions? If so, would a 20g be big enough?

If you're not sure, do you anyone that would?



There are plenty of tankmates that will work with Bettas. A 20 gallon is preferred since a 10 gallon will only house a couple of small fish.

When placing tankmates with a Betta, avoid bright colored fish such as Neons and Guppies. Also avoid fin nippers like Barbs and Tetras. Finally, avoid long fin fish such as sailfin varieties and Angelfish.

A few good examples are Mollies, White Clouds, Cory Cats, Otto Cats, Platys, Dwarf Gouramis

Hope this helps you, good luck!



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