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Fish/New silver shark problem?


QUESTION: hi I just got 2 new silver shark. they are not eating for 4 days and not doing much when I saw them in lfs its so nice there they are in group of nine,they are so nice but now not eating the lfs men says they. will eats all thing im feeding them floating type food, I have fluval c3,  regular water changes what I do?

ANSWER: Hello Jignesh,
What size tank do you have the silver sharks in? Also, fish may not eat when they get stressed out. This could be the result of a lack of hiding places in the tank or just the overall transition. Check your water temp as well as the chemicals and make sure it is stable. For right now, try to crush up a few fish flakes and try feeding that to them. Fish can go a few weeks without food and still be okay. If the problem persists for the next week or so you should check all of the chemicals again, provided the first check was all clear and see if there are any other issues. If your tank is only ten gallons and the sharks are medium sized, you need to move them into a bigger tank. Small tanks can also be a stressor for fish. If you have any further questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them thoroughly.


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QUESTION: Now one silver shark starting eating and swimming freely in aquarium no iihssues with one but second silver shark not well. Not eating when he its then spit out and he has ripped fin (upper) and losses black colour from anal fins ,he hitting aquarium wall when lights off.  I have 2 feet tank one rock and some plants I m not sure to buy new aquarium I have just issue,I m not using heater because in india temperature is about high so water is just 25 to 30. Thank you foreply

ANSWER: I'd say your problem is that the two sharks are competing for space. They will eventually out grow a 2 foot long tank. They generally can live with each other without issues as long as they don't have to fight for space and food. Add some medication drops to help repair open sores and fight bacteria so that the second shark does not get any infections. Hopefully it starts eating again soon but if it makes the attempt then it will eventually be able to finish off the food.

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QUESTION: My not eating silver shark fighting with other one my friend have 20 g and 4 silver shark they are fine what should I do your perfect choice

Isolate the two sharks from each other. Let the one that is hurt heal and then try adding them again. Sometimes when sharks are getting picked on it is because they are not healthy. Or when they are seen as weaker than other balas. Take him out of the tank and the next time you introduce him, make sure you move all of the decorations around in order to establish a neutral territory for the two sharks


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