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hello sir i have 20 gallon freshwater aquarium it's running from 1 year.i don't have any more information keeping fish healthy ,nutrition,cycling tank.
         please help me step by step about these things     :-

1.filter:- when change carbon,filter pads,bio media,etc can i use it via rense them?

2.light:-how long can i turn light on ?i have no real pants in aquarium.

3.water changes:- i do water changes at week (20). and after 2 week 20 % and the third week i change 50% of water.  when i change my whole water and clean aquarium inside ?          
aware me if  ido  wrong.    my problem is when i changed water it dirty almost green colored dust type.

4.when i change water then how can i put medication in aquarium because they can be cleaned by filter.
i just using salt,general aid and anti chlorine solution. what u prefer

5.make hiding spot :- i m very lazy about it because i never do it right when i switch lights the fish seems to hide help with which type plant suites on 20 g tank and  how balance it.

6.nirogen cycle :- in the internet its very confusing because everyone says cycle your tanks etc ....
i just want to know how it works and i can do it right ?

sorry about the long type question give me other information related keeping aquarium healthy ,nice looking and awesom..
 thank you very much for reply

Hello Jig, Most of what you are doing seems good to me. Do the 20 percent change every week. Keep adding the anti chlorine chemicals and everything. You shouldn't ever completely gut a tank while it is running. That means you should not ever remove all of the water at one time and clean the gravel etc. The light can be on when you are viewing your fish tank but if you notice some brown algae on the sides of the tank you should keep the light on for a longer amount of time. Rinse filter pads once every two weeks with clean water but only replace them every other or every 3 months. They have beneficial bacteria that will help maintain the proper parameters in your tank.


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I can answer most questions about fish care and maintenance. I am not an expert on saltwater aquariums but I am researching more about them on a daily basis. I have kept many different tropical freshwater fish as well as cichlids. Brackish water is my weakest category but if you have a question feel free to ask and I will do research on it myself.


I have kept fish for over 10 years. I am also an employee at a pet store and the head of the fish department. I am going to school at Emporia State University and studying biology with a concentration in ecology and biodiversity for undergraduate work. Right now my job is to care for and maintain the fish department at a local pet store. As far as water quality, I am well versed in different practices you can do to help improve conditions and what levels to look out for when testing the water.

I am majoring in Biology at Emporia State University and have researched fish reproductive behavior for the past decade.

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