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I have a veil tail marbled Betta in a 7.5 gallon tank. All parameters are good and steady.

I want to add a tank mate but I feel Shrimp are too sensitive and will be picked on by the Betta as he is very dominant. Because the tank is small, I'm reluctant to put a Bristlenose Catfish because they can grow too large to be house comfortably.

My question is, What would you suggest as a tank mate/tank cleaner for him?

Hi Danielle

A couple of Oto Cats or Cory Cats will work with a Betta in a 7.5 gallon tank. The Betta should not bother either of them, and they will keep your tank clean.

Remember it is important to keep your 25% water changes up every week especially with tank mates in a smaller tank.

Hope this helps, good luck!



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