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Fish/crown tail male betta care and feeding info.


Greetings I am here to ask a question about my 3 year old male betta Gronk (any new England patriots fans?). He lives in a 5.5 gallon glass aquarium with one non bubbling Dragon, and two medium sized fake plants a filter and a small heater. We also have a hood with a small light. it is usually changed every three to four weeks as with the carbon filter. I'm having trouble finding the right type of food for my male betta. I've read and heard so many different things on what the right type of food to feed it. Flakes vs. Pellets vs. Blood worms. What's the right one to feed it? And how much do I give my fish to eat? Right now I believe he's going through swim bladder. I just did the water change and added the aquarium salt. 1 teaspoon.
I understand betta as with all fish are delicate. So please help me better understand how to feed my crown tail male betta. Thank you kindly.


What I always tell people is this: you could survive eating just cornflakes, or just stake, or just veggies, but I don't recommend it. Fish appreciate a varied and nutritious diet as much as people do.

So to answer your question, yes. All of those are fine, you can mix it up even more if you want.
Feed about as much as the fish will eat in 15 minutes, and try to remove excess without disturbing the fish, and/or do regular waterchanges.

Often problems that appear to be swim bladder related are actually caused by some dietary issue. Try feeding the fish raw, unshelled peas cut up into bit sized pieces for about 4 days, then getting him on the varied diet plan. By the way, it's ok to leave uneaten pea in the water in small quantities. The fish will nibble at it as it's hungry, and it wont foul the water.


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