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Fish/ecobio block brown water


Hello how are you? I run 2 aquaclear 110's with media and sponge on 75 gallon tank. I do not use carbon. 3 goldfish, 2 comet, 1 common and 1 pleco. All fish are under 6 inches. No gravel, but 2 inch river rocks line bottom of tank. Also run an airstone 3 inch deep blue. Placed in tank two medium ecobio blocks to help clean water. I do water change every weekend 25-50 percent and use API stress coat, tetra safe plus and a handfull of aquarium salt when doing water change.

Now to the questions: Should I be using the dechlorinator  and conditioners listed above, with the ecobio blocks in the tank or have I killed the beneficial bacteria in the blocks by doing so already? My water is usually pretty clear, get a white cloud after water change but goes away in a day.  Something is different now, Brown water/cloud, some brown Algae growing on ecobio blocks. How do I get rid of the brown?
I am wondering if 2 aquaclear 110's are enough filtration, or do i need to add a canister filter as well?

Hello Joel, You definitely don't need another filter for your tank. You are filtering over 1,000 gallons per hour which is a good ratio for your tank size. You could get away with 750 gph. You shouldn't need the ecobio blocks in your tank. If the algae has only started to accumulate after you added the blocks, try taking them out for a week or two and see how the algae responds. The dechlorinator and conditioners are good things to use in your tank. Just make sure that you don't overuse them. I have heard of tanks going through mini-cycles if too much conditioner is used. I hope this answer helped you out and if you have any further questions just ask! One other thing you could try is adding one more pleco to the tank to see if that helps reduce algae.


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