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Fish/tank not cycling response


One more question...the filter, it says to change the filter once a month, but from what i read and an associate from the store, told me not to change it unless its really nasty. it's the blue one with the carbon in it.

Hey QT, I would agree with the store on that. The filter has VERY beneficial bacteria on it and removing it is not always the best thing for the tank. Once a month is probably a bit too much but once every other month should be good. or once ever six weeks. I have heard of a fish store going 6 months without replacing filters. SO you should not have a problem with every six weeks.


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I can answer most questions about fish care and maintenance. I am not an expert on saltwater aquariums but I am researching more about them on a daily basis. I have kept many different tropical freshwater fish as well as cichlids. Brackish water is my weakest category but if you have a question feel free to ask and I will do research on it myself.


I have kept fish for over 10 years. I am also an employee at a pet store and the head of the fish department. I am going to school at Emporia State University and studying biology with a concentration in ecology and biodiversity for undergraduate work. Right now my job is to care for and maintain the fish department at a local pet store. As far as water quality, I am well versed in different practices you can do to help improve conditions and what levels to look out for when testing the water.

I am majoring in Biology at Emporia State University and have researched fish reproductive behavior for the past decade.

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