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Hi Ron, Thanks in advance for answering my question.  I have a very constipated betta fish.  He was accidentally over fed A LOT of betta fish flakes a couple of days before Christmas.  He has not really pooped since then.  I have tried fasting for several days, then fed him a tiny bit of frozen daphnia.  After I feed the frozen daphnia, a little bit of white stringy poop comes out, but the bloating has not been reduced.  Does the white stringy poop count as a poop?  Today, I tried to get him to flare by putting his tank next to another betta   bowl.  He flared and then he did some make some stringy poop.  Other than the not pooping, he seems to be behaving normally, swimming upright and making a bubble nest.  He seems hungry but I'm afraid to feed him ( the last time I gave him some frozen daphnia was late Friday afternoon and it is now Monday afternoon.  He is in a two gallon fishbowl with a betta fish heater.  I don't know what to do next.  Should I try an Epsom salt. Bath?  Should I fast him longer? Any advice that you could give me would be helpful.  Thanks again, Cathy

Hi Cathy,
  The white stringy poop indicates that he has an intestinal infection. You might try the epsom salt bath to try to "clear him out". Don't worry if he doesn't eat for a while; fish can go a long time (weeks) without eating if they have to.  But, if he wants to eat, give him a little food. If you can, try feeding him thawed, frozen peas.

-- Ron C.
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