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I have 3 fish tanks two 125 and one 55 all mostly cichlids with a mix of catfish and sharks.  

First 125
Albino Tiger Oscar  7 inch
Electric Blue Jack Dempsey  5 inch
Pink Convict  4inch
Blood Parrot  4 inch
Four Line Pimelodus  8 inch

Second 125
Tiger Oscar  5 inch
Gold Jack Dempsey  4inch
Firemouth   4 inch
Black Shark  8 inch
High Fin Plecostomus  4 inch

Electric Blue Acara  4 inch
Albino Rainbow Shark 3 inch
Albino Bristlenose  2 inch

I originally had just the two 125 running the Acara was in the first tank but he was being chased and getting cornered mostly by the convict and Dempsey.  I didn't want to lose the acara so I tried moving the acara to the second tank rearranging decoration and adding new hideaways giving him a chance but the oscar and the firemouth in that tank was bothering it too much.  So I started a 55 gallon had it running for three days, took some bio media from my fluval filter and added to the new tank filter just to help with the cycle, than added him in, added quick start for seven days.  It's been two months tank is fine, but he is always hiding in his cave only coming out to eat than going back.  In the other tank he used to be out and about swimming around.  I got everyone when they were babies 1 inch to two inches so that is why they got along to begin with and over time when the cichlids got bigger they got more aggressive mostly to the acara.  I got a albino rainbow shark and albino pleco to keep him company thinking maybe if he sees other fish he will come out himself.  But the other two hide as well, I was wondering what else can I put with the acara that can help him be more bold for him to come out more, he is not that aggressive.  

Will these fish work
Gourami (Blue, Gold, Opaline, Kissing)
Denison Barb

Hi Thomas,
 I suggest you add some tetras to the tank, not the angels. The gouramis might work. I have no experience with the Denison Barb.

-- Ron C.
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