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Hi Richard, I'm fairly new to having cichlids. I have a parrot,red devil, jack Dempsey, jewel, and an Oscar. My nephew recently gave me a flower horn and a red devil. Well, his red devil kept attacking the flower horn that day and the next morning the Oscar was also attacking it. Sad to say the flower horn died. Since that day, all of the fish are way more aggressive. I changed a few things around in the aquarium but didn't seem to help. I've had my fish for over a year now and don't want to lose any. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi Ronda

In Cichlid tanks, there will always be aggression, there is no sure way to stop it. Things that help are rearranging tank decorations, adding new decorations and creating additional territories, make sure there are enough hiding places in the tank for each fish, and getting a larger tank. If the aggression is severe enough that you think you may lose another fish, then you will need to separate them to different tanks.

I've had the same Cichlids in a tank together for years and they are still aggressive with each other, though they rarely make contact, usually it's just a chase. There are very rare occasions when I have to stick a net in there to break up a fight.

Hope this helps, good luck!



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