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I recently inherited a Cichlid (about 4 months ago) without any knowledge of fish in general. He was doing well until I saw him floating vertically with his head toward the top of the tank. After reading information online I have seen topics on swim bladder and constipation. The thing is, I just noticed he seems to have an open sore (more like a small "paper-cut" on one side more near the back portion of his body. I just cannot find any real answers on how to treat swim bladder (if it is even treatable) or if there is anything I can do be it antibiotics or something to treat his wound. I know it sounds silly but I love this fish. I just don't want to see him die

Hi Nicole

It sounds more like constipation rather than swim bladder. Swim Bladder disease can affect any fish of course, but rarely seen in Cichlids. Here's what I would do

•Change 30% of the water
•Do not feed for 3 days, then feed peeled green peas
•Increase water temp to 80
•Lower the water level a little to make it easier for him to reach the surface
•Add aquarium salt to the tank, about a tbsp. per 5 gallons of water
•Try Pimafix, this treats a variety of infections

If no improvement in 7 days, change 30% of the water then use an antibiotic such as Maracyn. And loving a fish is not silly at all, they are living creatures and members of the family who deserve all the love they can get :-)

Hope this helps, good luck!



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