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Fish/When will my pregnant platy have fry?


Hi my platy gave birth to one fry 4 days ago I tried to catch the fry buy as I took my eyes off it, it disappeared presumably eaten. I caught the mother and put her in a tub as did not have a breeding box I waiting an hour or so but she had no more I think it's because I stressed her out. I can see she is still pregnant as her belly is the same and she has the gravid spot and still doing the behaviour of a pregnant fish. My question is when will she have the rest? Thank you I have also turned up the heat a bit to encourage her

Hi Tally

When you moved her out of the tank, it stressed her out and she has probably aborted the birth. Breeding boxes are to put the fry in after their born. You'll need to move her back to the main tank. Once she's back in the tank and feels comfortable and safe, she will likely have the rest of her fry. You'll need to watch for the fry and move them to a breeding net inside the tank, or a separate tank. You should also provide the main tank with bushy plants for the fry to hide in. They sell plants especially for this purpose at all fish stores.

Hope this helps, good luck!



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