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Hi Chris. Is Snapper a suitable fish for batter & deep frying? If not what would you suggest?

Hi Tammi,
Snapper is a suitable fish for battering and deep frying.  There are a lot of different types of snapper - especially here in Florida - American Red, Caribbean Red, Lane, Mutton just to name a few.  They are all mild and light fish which is suitable for frying.  Most fish and chips are made from very mild fish like cod and haddock.  Fish like snapper and grouper are excellent for frying because they have a more distinct flavor.  Heavier, oilier fish like mackerel and kingfish are less suitable.  I have seen salmon and tuna used in tempura, but cooked to medium rare.  Sorry, I've gone on too long - snapper is an excellent fish for almost any preparation, including frying.

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