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Hello, I found a recipe for Caesar dressing  that calls for "anchovy fillets" what exactly does that mean? What is a fillet? May I use canned anchovies (and if so am I supposed to cook them or just use them raw from the can?) Or am I supposed to go to the fish counter, buy and cook the anchovies? Sorry if these questions sound stupid, the only "fish" I know how to cook is shrimp.

Hi Ilona.  Anchovies are an integral part of Caesar dressing.  The term "fillet" when used with a type of fish means the meat from either side of the fish without the center bone, the head, tails or fins.  It's most often completely boneless, but with smaller fish like smelts or anchovies, there are some very small bones left in, but these are edible (and actually very good for you).  The terms "anchovy fillets" and "anchovies" are interchangeable.  Canned anchovies are not only acceptable, but are usually what is called for in Caesar dressing.  Anchovies are also the main ingredient in Worcestershire sauce, also usually included in Caesar dressing recipes.  Here is a little history on Caesar salad:  Hope this helps.  Please let me know how your salad comes out.

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