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Ross wrote at 2013-05-31 02:57:54
I have #190 three jays tonkin bamboo rod. Contact Ross @ 1-209-852-9830, if anyone knows more about this rod.


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Mark Maynard


I can answer questions about saltwater inshore and offshore fishing, bass fishing, catfish fishing, and panfish fishing. I have a vast quantity of knowledge in these areas. I'm only seventeen but I can answer all your questions about fishing Texas waters. I will also take Questions from outta state too.


I have fishing saltwater extensively and have written an article for Sport Fishing magazine. I've almost landed a lake record bass twice. I love bass fishing and know more than any adult I know. My knowledge of catfish fishing comes from fishing for them my whole life. I have caught panfish every single way possible.

I design lures for M&G lure company.

None really, except that I've studied about fishing all my life.

Awards and Honors
I've written an article for Sport Fishing magazine. I've won two tournaments and most of the competitions between my brother, my dad, amd me.

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